Zend Framework vs. Django Performance

This is not a scientific nor rigorious test…  But, here’s some interesting data for people to chew on.  I’ve got a production site built using the Zend Framework and a beta site built using django.  What’s interesting is the “Time spent downloading a page” graphs from Google Webmaster Tools.

The Zend Framwork Graph — average speed is 458 ms with a min of 246 ms


The django graph — you can see where I changed from CGI style to FCGI in the speed — average is 531, and a min is 81ms — though my eyeball average for the month of April is 100ms.


The nice part is these graphs have the same scale, so it’s pretty clear that once I switched from CGI to FCGI (under lighttpd) that the django performance is 4x better than the ZF.