4 minute read

Upgrades might be the bane of modern life. Everything needs upgrades, reboots and changes. Sometimes it’s under your control and sometimes it’s not. My linux box is reporting 948 days of uptime and still running version 3.7 of the kernel (4.4 is curently out). So it might be time for an upgrade, that’s about 2 years and 7 months since the last upgrade. In the process I got to upgrade PHP and that’s always fun to make sure all of the web servers, FPM modules and other things still continue to work.


2 minute read

A friend asked me the other day about skiing in the Tahoe area. This was for him and his wife getting back into skiing after being out of it for a few years. Note: I will update this page, but for now I thought this table was really useful. Destination Resorts These are all resorts that are higher priced and have lots of acreage to choose from. They will have more village options for apres ski and lodging options at the base of the mountain.


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As most of us know there is that (Y!) branding at the bottom of your iPhone Weather app. What’s funny is that fundamentally this is eroding the brand value of Yahoo! The other day pulled up the weather on my phone, saw the forecast and said flatly “_That’s is not the weather for today”._ So, the (Y!) branded experience says that you do not provide correct or accurate information. Think about this for a minute, the next time I need weather, or any other piece of information I personally am going to dis-trust Yahoo!