Autoenv for Greatness

This is really just a short post saying I discovered a really handy MacOS/Linux tool I hadn't seen before. Autoenv is a very handy tool for managing environments.

Why would you need this?

If you've ever done any quantity of Python or Go work you're probably using virtualenvwrapper or gvm to manage all of the different environemnts that you have. The challenge is that you want to quickly switch from one to the other when you enter that project workspace.


Setting up autoenv is pretty easy -- you should read the docs, it's pretty much install the binary and add a line to your .bash_profile.

What happens is whenever you enter a directory (e.g. cd) the script will run anything in your .env file. For example:

Example .env file --

gvm use go1.7
gvm pkgset use snaplabs

That's it, now when I cd into that directory I've got my environment setup. I don't have to remember which go version I'm using and what packageset I'm using.

Script based configuration at it's finest.

Update -

How to do autoenv for python virtual environments. What I noticed is that it's slow to do a cd when you're dealing with virtualenv, after a little thinking here's how to get the performance back.

1    # Set Python virtual environment
2    env=epsilon
4    #
5    cur=`basename "$VIRTUAL_ENV"`
6    if [ -z "$cur" -o "$cur" != $env ]; then
7        workon $env
8    fi