Editors – Resumes need them

I recently got yet another notification that somebody was following a feed of mine… every now and then you go, who is this person, why are they interested in my stream of ramblings.   So, I looked and found this wonderful statement on their linked in page:

Track record in establishing a vision, identifying opportunities, building organizations and delivering strong revenues and profits despite intense market conditions. Repeated success guiding sizeable, cross-functional teams in the design, re-design, and launch of leading-edge business solutions driving record-setting sales revenues. Combines strategic planning with strong technical qualifications to establish financial operations responsive for long-range objectives for growth and profitability. Verifiable track record of increasing revenue, profits and market share through savvy product acquisition, design, management and marketing. Practiced in analyzing competitive landscapes and designing product vision and global market strategies. Versed in defining cost-effective branding and marketing programs to quickly drive market awareness. Natural communicator and team leader with strong motivational skills and ability to build, produce and succeed.

You half to ask yourself…  Are they building a linkedin profile for buzzword bingo purposes, trying to impress their first date?  What in the world does this say..  Or decomposed:

  • My org made $$ when a new competitor entered the market
  • We figured out how to market our stuff to make $$
  • I hung out in planning meetings
  • I helped acquirer a company or two
  • I built a marketing program, that had no analytics associated with it…
  • I know a lot of words to build sentences to confuse

Now if we were to write this in English, we could say:

I’m a kick butt marketing professional who’s lead teams to grow our products in many markets against our competitors.  Driving teams to build growth product both internally and through acquisition.

Of course, I don’t know if that’s really true for this person… but heck at least it’s back into a language that we can read.