Delightful Matt

Over the years I’ve had the chance to work with my friend Matt twice — once at Excite@Home (via blue mountain arts) a second time at Yahoo on Mail.  He has to be one of the more upbeat people I’ve worked with through the years, one thing he’s said so many times that it’s almost comical (ok, maybe it’s just me snickering under my breath) is:

     “How can we delight our users”


      “It’s delightful”


      “It’s a delightful experience”

So, now ever time I hear “…delight…user…” in a sentence I think of Matt.  So, as I was riding in to work this morning I had the following series of thoughts:

  • Delighted users are happy users
  • Happy users are repeat users
  • Repeat users are good customers
  • Good customers bring their friends
  • Making customers happy and their friends happy…well, ‘nuf said

Thank Matt for keeping things delightful — I’ll still snicker under my breath.