What’s your excuse?

Life is hard, don’t use your kids as an excuse.

It’s air conditioning season and I keep on finding people who say lame things like: “this new air conditioning system is for my ____” when in reality it’s an excuse to make your life easier.  Make life suck a bit more so you can enjoy it.

Think of it this way, I was riding up Kings Mountain Road on Monday and I felt just miserable, upset stomach, legs were lead, cold, and just felt totally off.  But, thinking of some old mantra “that which does not kill you, makes you stronger” (now is that Conan [the movie] or Nietzsche), pushed on to the top.  Now of course I bailed on the second “half” of my ride (down to La Honda and up Alpine), but I did finish the climb and found that the sun was out when I got back down on to the Portola loop.

Back to air conditioning, life is tough, struggle through those few nominal hot days.  Let your kids eat dirt and get dirty.  Live and experience life, it’s the ups and downs that make it real.