What is science fiction

Was listening to KQED and the program City Arts & Lectures, they had Bjarke Ingels talking about architecture. The program is always interesting and causes thinking and thought.

One quote stood out to me as a fan of science fiction. There are times when it’s hard to explain to people why SF is interesting, but this is a great view. While this isn’t taken from the program directly, it matches what he said on the air.

Philip K Dick’s definition of science fiction.

Science fiction is not a space opera and it’s not a story from the future even though it often is.

What science fiction is a story where the plot is triggered by some form innovation.

Typically it’s a technological innovation but it can be cultural, social, political, or whatever.

And so it happens in a world that excatly like our world that we know today. But, then this is one thing that has been altered and the whole story is the narrative exploration of the potential or the consequences of that idea of that change.