Week 2 - VP Engineering at Payment Rails

Week 2 - VP Engineering at Payment Rails

  • CircleCI and API layer testing
  • Understanding the DB schema
  • External developers
  • JIRA Process

This is the second in a series of blog posts / journal entries on my experiences as the new VPE at Payment Rails.

What happened this week

My original goal for this week as people and process, since last week was focused on getting a handle on code and release. Like many good intentionions, this didn’t happen the way I wanted it to.

My final goal from last week was to take the build procecess (CircleCI) integrations that I had working at take them to the API layer. I expected this to be an “easy” process, since I already had the server running in Docker containers and there was already testing laying around. What I discovered was that the test environment had a lot more nuances to it than I expected and that it depended on running on an existing databases.

The Ugly

The big “learning” for the team this week was that if you’re building a unit testing harness, which is really an integration testing harness (depends on having a running DB, Redis and 3rd party API calls). You cannot insert a record with id = 1 and expect the DB with auto-increment keys to be happy with you.

The Good

  • We’ve now gotten the whole team using GitFlow style branching, with Pull Requests and code reviews!
  • Put together a presentation on React best practices after working on the Dashboard codebase for the week, team totally buys into having standards!
  • Docker environments are fully running.

Next week

  • Process and people and finishing off the API server unit testing!