Virtualization … or Wine 1.0

Just to etch some thoughts into the ether…

Was having a discussion with a friend over mother day breakfast.  He was talking about how he had three different virutal machines installed on his system and was drifting off onto subject of unbuntu’s compatibility with hadoop, etc.etc.  Somewhere in this discussion he was griping about how with a virtual machine he didn’t have any battery life left, since they really never stopped running.

To me this isn’t really the point, it’s not about if your OS is MacOS, Linux or Windows it’s all about the applications.  I care about if my document is online or on my desktop, but do I really care about what my OS is?  No!

When a user goes and buys a machine they aren’t really worrying about Intel vs. AMD.  They’re evening getting to the point where they’re less sensitive to MacOS vs. Windows (Linux is the outlier).  It always has been about “Can I run application X”. 

The point I made over the weekend was that with systems like WINE the OS isn’t as important anymore.  I can run Office (since StarOffice sucks) on my Linux box or (someday my Mac) and not “worry” about what the OS does or doesn’t do.