Track workout — 2×1200 + 4×800

A good day at track, hard to belive… Rough stats:

Distance Time
1200 4:27
1200 4:27
800 3:07
800 3:02
400 1:30
800 3:01

Ok, what’s up with that 400 instead of an 800, and why 3:07 not another 3:01, it’s all in the details. The targets for the 1200 were 4:41 so I knew I was going fast and the 800 were targeted at 3:06. But, I was feeling good on the 1200 so went for solid consistant pace and then thought about trying for the 3:06 pace on the 800s… In the end it felt better to go a bit faster, so I did.

Now about that 400 in the middle, when you have you kids at track things happen… My daughter tripped and skinned her knee on the 400 so I stopped did a litle basic eval of the situation. Settled her on the bleachers with and did the last 800 to get things done.

…now about those 20 miles this weekend…