The never ending update

Modern technology is great…  Except that more and more things are connected to the network with auto update.

So, when I go and place music now my music player says “Update Required” and refuses to play until I update.  I can’t watch a movie until my PS3 takes two hours to update the software to the newest version.  My computer of course is always nagging that it needs an update, somewhere between optional and “broken” (^#*@$ Java on Windows).  If this trend continues, my refrigerator will refuse to accept new food items – that item isn’t in the inventory – please update, or my toaster will say “unable to accept toast” until I update the firmware to have the latest toast profile.

Yes, it is a better world than waiting for your car engine to heat up and your vacum tubes to warm before you can use a device.  But, now we’ve got these deferred time bombs waiting in our daily life.

Off to update my iPhone apps.