Skiing Tahoe

A friend asked me the other day about skiing in the Tahoe area. This was for him and his wife getting back into skiing after being out of it for a few years.

Note: I will update this page, but for now I thought this table was really useful.

Destination Resorts

These are all resorts that are higher priced and have lots of acreage to choose from. They will have more village options for apres ski and lodging options at the base of the mountain.

Name Base Elevation Vertical Drop Ticket Price
Heavenly 6565ft 3502ft $140
Northstar At Tahoe 6330ft 2280ft $140
Squaw/Alpine 6200ft 2850ft $134

Classic – Midsized Resorts

Served by classic lodges and you’ll have to commute to and from them. They are smaller in size and typically have lower ticket prices than the Destination resorts.

Name Base Elevation Vertical Drop Acres Ticket Price
Homewood 6229ft 1650ft 1260ac $74
Mount Rose 8260ft 1800ft 1200ac $104
Sierra-At-Tahoe 6639ft 2212ft 2000ac $93
Sugar Bowl 6883ft 1500ft 1650ac $103


These are the small resorts in terms of acreage, many will still only have fixed grip chairs (slower) and less vertical feet to ski. The upside is that the ticket prices and lesson prices are lower which can make for great learning hills.

Name Base Elevation Vertical Drop Acres Ticket Price
Boreal 7200ft 500ft 380 ac $59
Diamond Peak 6700ft 1840ft 655 ac $64
Donner Ski Ranch 7031ft 1000ft 505 ac $59
Soda Springs 6700ft 652ft 200 ac $69
Tahoe Donner 6750ft 600ft 120 ac $47