Ski Instructor Clinics

Most of the time when you go out for a training class in the business world you typically have sessions that last 50 minutes then have a 10 minute “bio” break — Maybe they do one and half hour sessions with breaks. I’m doing a Children’s Specialist certification class for the next few weeks and I realized just how “odd” ski instructors are. Which after being a ski instructor isn’t that “odd”, but funny in comparison.

The general schedule is, arrive at 8:30 “clinic” until noon, eat lunch reviewing material, go back out on the hill until 3:30 and then summarize the lesson until 4:00. Sounds simple, but what you didn’t notice is that there was no “bio” break, no smoke break, no stopping. Ok, everybody gets a trip to the bathroom during lunch and we’re all adults so if you needed a stop you could. But, of course we’re all ski instructors so we don’t. This is the same schedule we do with classes — ok, the kids get many more “snack”/”bio” breaks, the instructors .. nope…

Just and interesting comparison.