Quality vs. Quantity

Two instances of things got to me last week, in two different venues.

First – I hate Wallmart about once every two years I walk into the store and think that I might buy somethings and then walk out in disgust.  Sometimes it’s from the store across the street from the office, where it’s just plain dirty.  In this case it was I needed a duffle bag, nothing fancy just something to put a few days of clothes into.  A quick visit to the store in Carson City is in order…  Person in the store is helpful, directs me to the right place — HUGE store…  Now I stare at the bags that the have — they are out and out cheap, maybe they would last a week or two before they totally disintegrate, of course they cost next to nothing.  Instead of getting a bag that is destin to fail at some unknown moment in the near future, I walk out of the store and find another store to get something that will last a real amount of time and cost a tiny bit more.

Second – Riding the chairlift with somebody who was reminiscing about having a picnic style lunch in the Alps while skiing, then later in the day talking to somebody about eating lunch in Portillo.  Both conversations were attaching to dining in Mammoth (which is better than most mountains).   The challenge we observed is that it’s the scale at which they’re preparing food.

I could have titled this post Boutique or Bulk.

  • As a consumer I want the highest quality experience.
  • As a capitalistic society we focus on price.

As a marketplace we’re amazed at what happens when quality comes first