Peanut Butter...

Startups, you want to do everything, but if you’re spread two thin you’ve gotten yourself in trouble. Do you allow for freedom, or do you have an iron fist and keep things focused.

Bottom line, if you don’t have strong leadership, you’re going to fail. You might fail with strong leadership, but at least you’ll be moving somewhere.

There is a corollary to the peanut butter problem, which is the DMV problem… Your system only cost $1.2B to build, already in cost and schedule overruns, now for a additional $100M you can finish it&… yeah, right.

Bottom line

  • Lead strong — focus on a few problems, build an expertise in these.
  • Question assumptions — if it smells funky it probably is.
  • Deliver early and often — it’s the only way to measure progress!