OneSnow and SEO

I’ve been working on an react-native application which has been a very interesting and fun learning project. While there are always the challenges of getting a product built and ready, it’s been a very interesting learning process about app stores and releasing products.

The app OneSnow is a tool to help Vail Resorts Instructors review their schedule, so it’s not an app that will take over the world.

Google Play Store and SEO

The biggest challenge that I’m having is that the google play store isn’t taking the product name as a searchable keyword. There are a few ways to search the play store:

  1. By Product name “OneSnow”
  2. By ID: com.onesnow
  3. By Developer: David Koblas

What’s interesting is that #2 and #3 work just fine, but searching by “OneSnow” doesn’t yield any results. They all yeild results, but #1 yeilds a generic result set that appear to be auto-correct at work since no result has “OneSnow” in the result name.

So, why am I writing this?

Plain and simple, I need to get some SEO juice to the OneSnow application, since the more I can convince Google that this is a product name the better I’m doing. I also need to convince Google search that OneSnow is a real word so it doesn’t auto-correct it for general search.