MLB Needs the Lance Rule

Thinking about the Oakland A win last night got me thinking about MLB.  The A have had a great season ending, while the Giants have fumbled around at the end.  But, wait they had to suspend Melky for drug use…  Could their be a correlation?

Sorry, I’m not going to do a bunch of statistics, but more a thought experiment.

We all know the tale of Lance and his Tour jerseys, but MLB doesn’t have the same remediation.  Melky get fined and suspended for a bunch of games, but no retroactive penalties.    So, if  you have one or more players on your team who can get you to a playoff seat, you happily turn a blind eye.  Sure there might be some $$ penalties, but if you get into the playoffs that’s probably a was in terms of revenue you can earn.

What does that really mean, as a team you will turn a blind eye to the use of performance enhancing drugs as long as it helps you get to the playoffs.  The player may be suspended, but may show up in time for a few more games, or you could trade them…

I would propose that MLB adopt the “Lance Rule” which is that if you’re found to have a player using PE drugs that you retro-actively forfeit your last 7 weeks of games.  That pretty much would ensure that the teams goals match the outcome.