Microsoft Research Road Show

I like research!  Reminds me of my days at NASA…  Ok, it doesn’t help that I keep on seeing project that are planetary exploration (Google Earth, WorldWideTelescope) and have flashbacks to LOD determination and hierarchical rendering.   Plus, today’s computers can run circles around the Stellar computers of the time.

Notable things:

WorldWide Telescope, HydroSeek

It’s interesting to see how data normalization can really facilitate science.  At the end of the day, while both of these tools are great at visualization what’s really interesting is that once you’ve normalized data formats you can do interesting things.  My core thought from this was:

     Data + Visualization = Exploration

     Exploration + Thinking = Science

As in I can explore with WorldWide telescope for hours, which is a testament to Data + Visualization.  But as soon as I start asking “Why?” I’m now doing science. 


Since I’ve got a tablet PC knocking around, it’s cool to see how “re-thinking” the UI for a tablet interface has such power.  Now if the Crayon Physics Deluxe would release and take note of some of the UI bits that would be even better…  Maybe a “Tablet” and a “Classic” operating modes.

Botnet Detection

Not as sexy as InkSeine, but good work.  Think of it this way, if you see a group of users come in from a range of IP addresses you can assume they’re dynamically assigned since ISPs allocate a block of DHCP addresses to metro areas.  If you and your neighbors all log in from the same general pool, they’re dynamic.

Simple idea, probably loads of work to sift through the data, but nice…

Oh… why doesn’t Cisco or Company X get caught as dynamic… well, you’re pretty much NATed to one IP address not a whole range of IP addresses.