Looking at spam with google maps

Got an interesting email the other day…


I want to take this opportunity to personally introduce myself to you. While going through our database, I came across your information and thought you might have mutual interest in what we are currently working on. Just so you know… this email is not an attempt to try and sell you anything. I am looking to partner with serious minded individuals in the View and surrounding areas to work with us while we expand this amazing opportunity.

My name is (removed); I was previously the director of operations at a successful mortgage company in San Diego California. Long story short — having been involved in residential real estate and reverse mortgage lending throughout the boom years, I have been through the ups and the recent downs of our current market. The unprecedented events of the last several years have forced me to close the doors on a business that I worked countless hours to build! Since changes were inevitable, I decided to do some research to find an alternative to this struggling industry. I discovered an amazing business opportunity that not only allows me to earn as much as I was previously making… but by leveraging my time, I now have more freedom than I have ever experienced!

Anyhow David, if you are interested in learning more… I encourage you to take a peek at our site which has some additional information (including our business model) — (url removed) — or you can always email me with any additional questions. Please understand that we cannot work with everyone, so we do require that you complete a simple application. Myself, or another business coach from the team will contact you within 24 hrs to review the info.

In the signature line it contained adress information, maybe to give it a sense of legitimacy.   However, when you pull up the address on the message you discover that it’s the address of a post office in San Diego — with a “60th floor” suite address.  While I write this email, I’m listening to the audio track on their website… it’s funny, they’re using just about every technique to say that you’re special!  “It’s only available to a select few”, “you’re insignificant if you do this alone”, “chances are you’ll run out of time, you’ll run out of money”, “look how many times you’ve failed already”… “It’s time for a new approach”…

“Are you ready, for an online marketing system that works!”

Yeah, right…  I’ve probably got $99.95 to try something, oh, but wait…  Maybe I’ll make more money stuffing envelopes.