How to destroy brand value

As most of us know there is that (Y!) branding at the bottom of your iPhone Weather app.  What’s funny is that fundamentally this is eroding the brand value of Yahoo!

The other day pulled up the weather on my phone, saw the forecast and said flatly “_That’s is not the weather for today”._  So, the (Y!) branded experience says that you do not provide correct or accurate information.  Think about this for a minute, the next time I need weather, or any other piece of information I personally am going to dis-trust Yahoo! and look for a better information provider.

Wait – now why don’t I hold Apple to the same standard, it is an iPhone after all.   Apple has done a good job of distancing themselves from the contents of the app, or the quality of the network, and the cool factor of the device itself.  Now all I want is the ability to remove the Yahoo! Weather app and replace it with my “vendor X” weather app which I trust.