Grow the Pie – don’t slice it smaller

If you’ve hung around me long enough you’ve probably heard me say, grow the pie…  Of course probably you’ve wondered what in the world I’m talking about.  The basic premise is that if you have a business don’t keep on slicing the market smaller and smaller.  The real goal of a business is to grow the marketplace.

Simple example…  My random website project of the week…

I’ve had a site parked for a long time generating $ $, but wanted to throw a new “idea” at the world.  The challenge is that the new idea will of course cannibalize all of the $$ until it get’s big enough to be useful.  So, realizing that 90% of the traffic to the domain is coming for a foreign country, I’ve now created a “local” experience where the old traffic is getting the same experience and the traffic to the audience that I understand is getting the new experience.  This is effectively growing the pie, I’ve got everything I used to have plus everything that is new.