Getting attention via Facebook


Wink has had no end of problems with Google.  It roots back to our book marking service which was overwhelmed with spammers.  At one point I estimated that 75% of our new user registrations were link farm spammers.  Over many months I’ve cracked down on these abuses and with the re-launch of our service they should be a distant memory.  Reality check, I’m sure they’re there, but just not productive anymore

We the re-launch of I was hoping that we’d get “re-discovered” by Google and indexed.  Not happening, for that matter they’re indexing pages around 200 a day (compared to 2000 a day by Yahoo!), we only have nine pages in the google index.  Really thinking about it, they’ve only indexed the “about” section, not the developer section which is pretty much the same (text content). 


In total frustration, I’ve gone a placed a Facebook ad targeted at Google employees.  It’s pretty simple, basic units — $10 budget with a $0.10 CPC… The subject of the ad is “GoogleBot is lame” in an attempt to get some eyeball share from Google employees.  According to the Facebook ad system, this should target about 5,000 people. 

What’s lacking:

I’m not a copy writer, so “GoogleBot is lame” is really a lame headline, should it carry more punch.  Should it do other things?