Framinstein — Digital Fridge — Digital Postcards

Photo frame, or world interface.  Caught this article about a Digital picture frame doubles as a secondary display and got to thinking about an old project.


What I want is a useful device on my fridge to replace my calendar on the wall, see just about every sci-fi movie made in the last five years.  But how?

How about a slave interface:

  • Digital picture frame at around 800×600
  • Shows photos when not “in use”
  • WiFi (ok, USB for now) connection to the home computer
  • Voice commands — think Star Trek — “Computer, show calendar”
  • That’s it, if it was really good you could say:  “Computer, show grocery list, add milk”
  • When not in use show the slide show — maybe “improved” with the digital postcards…

Things that I continue to think about is how we interact with computers ala:

  • Home Note — Worth reading the papers to see what really happens…
  • Digital Postcards — think about what it would mean if there was a twitter-ish service that combined a fixed display in your home (office, etc) with the output of a cellphone camera from your friends..  Take it one step further, Make those annoying facebook messages “real” by broadcasting them to passive viewers.  [Ok, maybe you don’t want to tell your parents you woke up with somebody…]

Gosh, the whole Microsoft Socio-Digital Systems ****group looks fun….