CMS Musings

While getting the ReCaptcha stuff to work was taking a look at available plugins… Came across this cool posting about useless CMSs.  Which I totally agree with!  It’s of course references docs from back in 2004…

Still thinking about the core premise of this:

  • Object Oriented — ok I’m a geek — Zend Framework and some good thoughts…
  • Easily Styled — WordPress has shown how users will devote time to presentation.
  • Plugins for Authentication — why not it’s CMS — I’m not the authority on user manement.
  • Easy content editing — have been now playing with Windows Live Writer — it’s the easy way to enter content…   Or at least shows how desktop apps and web sites can easily integrate.
  • Document Managment — Why does wordpress make a distinction between “Page” and “Post” — they’re really the same.
    • Also needed is document type
      • Todo List
      • Calendar
      • etc.
  • Files (attachments) should be attached to any post (re-used if needed).
  • partials, snippets — content blobs that can be attached anywhere…  Think plugin.

Let’s think about this for a second, documents need to be accessed via three mechanisms:

  • Time Order — blog style [recent changes or recent published]
  • Heirarcy — section/article/page or whatever … breadcrumbs…
  • Cloud — tags, similarity, category, etc.

Most of the time I just want to tag an article and have it added to a cloud…

It shouldn’t stop presentation like:

Keith Robinson’s site

Above Lux