Performance of Python, PHP and Perl

Performance of Python, PHP and Perl

Had a 7GB text file that I needed to run some parsing on (to prepare for a DB import).  As part of my habit I pulled out perl and whipped up a quick program to parse and generate some loadable files.  While watching it run I got to thinking about … why … why perl (yes, I know habbits are hard to break).  So while watching it run I re-wrote the program into PHP and Python.

Performance Numbers (on 5 million lines worth of the file)

So, it appears that Perl is the right choice for this job.. Though python is a good second choice, but PHP 50% slower (most likely due to not having complied regular expressions).   I also might note that I’m not fond of the python if/else probably with a chained expression match, where I want to “side effect” out the results of the match — is there better syntax?

Here’s the code for you’re viewing pleasure and possible commentary.