Synergy is Fun

One could say I’ve got too many projects with too much free time, but another way to look at things is that constant exploration can put a smile on your face.  I’ve been working on a few projects: GearTracker ( This is my big project, which I really need some product marketing help on.  I’ve gotten most [...]

Chicken Scratches on Crawler

(More notes to myself) Inspired by CommonCrawl, but their data isn’t all that I want.  After building out my redback system, which I’ve now let sit and die for the last two years (it worked, but had some small scaling issued).  Revised idea based on some of the CommonCrawl thinking… – Fetcher Built in Tornado, with [...]

BackboneJS and RequireJS configuration

One of the big challenges is getting backbonejs and requirejs working together without jumping through lots of hoops.  After reading quite a few blog posts, stackoverflow answers I finally came up with a simple canonical solution to the problem. The assumed directory layout is something like: static/ app/ config.js main.js vendor/ …third party stuff like [...]

Punctuation in Language Design is Good

It’s all about CoffeeScript (and quietly about Ruby). Why do people feel the need to remove punctuation?  I came across the following code snippet: class TenFarms.View extends Backbone.View constructor: -> functions = _.difference _.functions(this), _.functions(TenFarms.View.prototype) _.bindAll.apply _, [this, "render"].concat(functions) super What I like and dislike – in line # order This is much better than [...]

Template Languages

Somehow I keep on building websites, re-building or otherwise…  Sometimes I think it just practice – just like playing a piano – most of the time it doesn’t have any true purpose, but it allows me to try different techniques and approaches.  When I think of big systems, NoSQL datastores (for example) it’s really hard [...]

How to destroy brand value

As most of us know there is that (Y!) branding at the bottom of your iPhone Weather app.  What’s funny is that fundamentally this is eroding the brand value of Yahoo! The other day pulled up the weather on my phone, saw the forecast and said flatly “That’s is not the weather for today”.  So, [...]