NPS for Support Feedback

Quick observation: At the end of any support email thread NPS rank it.  NPS is based on the key question “How likely is it you would recommend us to a friend?”  However, when dealing with support it’s never a “recommend”.  Could the question be one of these: How satisfied were you with the handling of your issue? [...]

ioloop as a core concept

In the begininning there was main() and that was good.  But under the surface that has changed, it’s still main() but what really happens is dynamic linking, exit handling resources…  We’re even throwing garbage collection in for good luck.  But, it’s still main(). Why? If you do anything that’s isn’t linear programming you see that [...]

Reproducible instalation

The learning curve on chef is a lot steeper than I wish. Can’t say that I’ve got it running like I would. But, I can now provision a devbox on AWS in 5 minutes with basic packages and users in a sane state. It took 2 days of fiddling. Now back to developing systems onto [...]

Twitter is the Forrest

Was reminded this morning. I check my Facebook page for updates, but I never check my twitter page. I’ll watch the twitter feed during the day. Thinking it’s like a tree in the woods, if it falls and nobody’s watching do you care? If it’s important it’s on Facebook.

Fizz Buzz

As seen on a thread on Hacker News about Fizz Buzz and “interesting” functional ways to solve it.  Realized that there are many ways to boil the ocean, but this feels like a nice compromise between data/program separation and language. Note this is using a “Bazz” variant of the FizzBuzz problem where Bazz is printed every 7 numbers. cases [...]

MLB Needs the Lance Rule

Thinking about the Oakland A win last night got me thinking about MLB.  The A have had a great season ending, while the Giants have fumbled around at the end.  But, wait they had to suspend Melky for drug use…  Could their be a correlation? Sorry, I’m not going to do a bunch of statistics, but more a [...]